Walking on crunchy fallen leaves, cozying up by the fire and drinking all the pumpkin spice lattes we can get our hands on, we’re ready for autumn… are you?! 

We’re pretty certain of one thing that’ll definitely help you welcome in autumn vibes with open arms… your hair colour!

This gorgeous Quint:essential look combines rich reds, stunning golds and muted violets all controlled with soft cool tones to get you and your clients ready for autumn. Whether the hair texture is soft or curly, this look is perfect for any client wanting to achieve that ashy, mocha look. 

However if you’re not ready to leave summer behind, this formula leaves the mid-lengths and ends slightly lighter and warmer with the combination of the light, medium and dark blonde tones lending itself well to what hair naturally does when exposed to the sun.

Our Educational Development Manager, Sarah Dickenson says “I love this look because it’s seamless and rich in colour while it’s blend of warm and cool tones will complement any skin tone making eyes pop and skin glow”

“Keeping the ends lighter is a great way for clients to transition their summer colour into a more autumnal look”

Desperate to recreate this look? The formula consists of Quint:essential 4.07(4mm) and 6.71(6ma) melted into 8.07(8mm) and 7.7(7m).

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Quint:essential dual system permanent + quasi professional colour with Magi:bond®  improves and maintains the hairs strength during the chemical process. Elasticity and condition are enhanced whilst protecting and shielding the hair from further damage. 

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