Let’s get patch testing!

Patch testing has always been an important practise within the hair and beauty industry.

Carrying out a patch test before a treatment is vital for a client to prevent allergic reaction to various products and dyes, particularly PPD. 

Since the reopening of salons after the pandemic, some salon owners have reported an increase in allergic reactions, such as rashes or burns, if a client has previously tested positive for Covid-19. 

There is currently no official research to suggest that the virus has contributed to a development of allergies however, scientists have started to study whether the virus is reprogramming our immune system. 

The National Hair & Beauty Federation and British Beauty Council are urging hairdressers and beauty therapists to patch test all of their new and existing clients even if they’ve previously had no adverse reaction to a treatment.

Patch testing is already a legal requirement for hairdressers and beauty therapists working with hair dye. It is now recommended that patch tests are carried out every six months, 48 hours before a treatment to minimise the risk of allergic reaction.

When patch testing, reassure your clients that you’re testing them again as a precaution before you perform any treatments post-lockdown, but be sure to advise that there is no scientific evidence to support these rumours. Always follow the manufacturer’s advice and instructions, particularly any guidance relating to Covid-19.

Using patch testing kits, like this one from ColourStart, will allow you to easily test your clients to see if they’re allergic to PPD found in most hair colorants.

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