We’re so excited to be celebrating National Spa Week alongside skincare specialist PAYOT to promote the real physical and emotional benefits that regular spa visits and treatments can offer.

PAYOT believe that beauty is in motion and that skincare should be accompanied by precise techniques and personalised treatments.

Let your clients follow the motion and create their personalised face and body care ritual with PAYOT.

Gym Beauté

The legendary Gym Beauté is a unique face and body massage technique, created by Nadia Payot, to begin each ritual or to enjoy alone. For the face, clients can choose between two massages: a traditional and relaxing treatment or more a stimulating and rhythmic experience.

The Gym Beauté Signature is a relaxing massage to help clients fully let go with the application of a super shot and massage balm. If a more stimulating effect is required, The Gym Beauté Active is a dynamic massage and rhythmic stretching with the application of a super shot and massage balm.

Not forgetting the body, The Gym Beauté Intense is a innovative full-body massage featuring stretches for the tissue and joints as well as the reflexology for the soles and palms.

Core Treatments for the Face

After the Gym Beauté is performed, the experience can continue with specific treatments tailored to individual skin needs for both face and body.

We’re so excited by the most recent PAYOT launch, The Natural facial, which offers a solution for clients seeking natural skincare. The treatment only uses natural ingredients to erase the signs of an urban lifestyle by smoothing and purifying the skin.

Firstly, 100% natural exfoliant rice is used to scrub and gently eliminate dead cells making the skin feel clean, soft and smooth ready for the main event… the face mask!

Masque Oxygénant from Plants and Green Clay contains fragments of French flat-leaf parsley and land cress due to their antioxidant and detoxifying properties for fresh, healthy skin. Containing relaxing and revitalising French rosemary essential oil, this green clay mask purifies the skin leaving the complexion oxygenated and radiant.

Special Experiences

The true originality of the PAYOT treatment menu is revealed with these special experiences, to add on when required. Each short addition to your ritual will transform your treatment to target a specific area for a true holistic experience. Clients can choose from:

  • Stimulating Patches for the Eyes – soothes, decongests and restores radiance around the eyes
  • Relaxing Scalp Massage – relaxes, de-stresses and soothes tension
  • Soothing Hand Movement – smooths, moisturises and softens the hands and nails
  • Firming Quartz Roller – smooths, decongests and tones the face
  • Crystal Healing – This harmonising experience deeply relaxes, soothes the mind and promotes concentration

To discover the full range of PAYOT Core Treatments and to learn more about the PAYOT Rituals, click here to get in touch