Pulp Riot’s multi-tonal results from just one tube in 5 mins

Check out 3 amazing artists @hellsbellshair, @harriet_stokes and @jessbcruz transforming hair using ONE SINGLE TUBE of Pulp Riot’s best selling High Speed Toners! Carry on reading to recreate multi-toned looks fast and smarter.

5 Things I Love About High Speed Toners – @harriet_stokes

  1. The speed, of course!
  2. I love that the ingredients are enriched with quinoa, which makes the hair feel amazing
  3. Being vegan and cruelty-free is a great selling point for my clients 
  4. As a freelancer I love that you can get 9 applications out of one tube if mixed 1:4 ratio
  5. My absolute favourite shade is Silver, and I love how true to tone it is

5 Easy Steps to Get a Stunning Silver Look – @hellsbellshair


Step 1… Hot Cross Bun section
Step 2… Mid band 20 volume for 20 mins
Step 3… Roots after 30 mins mid development
Step 4… Process for a further 20 minutes
Step 5… Rinse back as it has finished process time


Step 1… Sectioned into Hot Cross Bun
Step 2… 1:1 ratio Silver High Speed Toner on all the roots starting back to front
Step 3… 1:4 ratio on he ends and develop for 20 minutes
Step 4… Rinse & shampoo
Step 5… Style & selfie!

5 Questions with @jessbcruz

“I’m Jess and I own a studio based in East London known as Pink Palace, I am a freelance Pulp Riot artist. I have educated for Pulp Riot and have been colouring since 9 years now. Currently focused more on branching out on education and helping young artists develop their creativity in colouring.”

Q1. What are you “GO-TO COMBO” for toners?
My go-to combos are: Icy + Violet 20gm of Icy+5gm of violet as it gives a bit of sheer and removes the yellow tones. On darker bases- silver and icy together as it gives a lighter effect on a darker base.

Q2. What makes the Pulp Riot toners formula stand out?
Pulp Riot’s colours are intermixable which is why you can add more peroxide and play around with double the amount of colour.

Q3. How often do clients come in asking for a quick and easy look?
7/10 of my customers want quick looks on average!

Q4. What shades will you formulate next to explore the possibilities with High Speed toners?
Creative avenues I would like to explore are more pink formulas by using rose gold and some of the other shades to give results similar to what I have done on my model.

Q5. What tips and tricks would you give while using High Speed Toners?
My tips and tricks are: Know the base you need to lighten to and the mixing ratio for the desired shade you are trying to achieve.


Check out @jessbcruz step by step guide in creating her amazing Rose Gold tonal look!

Check out @harriet_stokes step by steps in creating her amazing Violet multi-tonal look!


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