It may be a colour many shy away from, but the power behind a bold, striking copper is unquestionable. The problem is, so few people know how to truly create a stunning copper. But with Quint:essential and the Quif Art team, we’re here to help you achieve your clients dream tone. 

We caught up with Sarah Dickenson from the Quif Art team who in fact was a copper gal herself when developing the Quint:essential collection. 

“Around the time of developing the range, I went from 7CC+, down to a 5C then back up to a 7C all without any lightener touching my hair.”

“This meant that it maintained colour, shine and integrity throughout the colour changes. I used the VL:44 to make my colour lighter, breaking through existing colour whilst depositing tone.”

“One thing that I personally disliked about my copper look was any red undertones. When developing Quint:essential, I made sure that the formulas were as orange as we could get them!”

“That said, we do have some gorgeous red copper shades such as 8RC+ for those clients wanting to warm it up a little and gold coppers like 6GC for those who aren’t brave enough to go all out.”

“Another thing I love about the Quint:essential coppers is that the Warm Collection contains a Pre Blended Base and Pre Adjusted Tone. This means that these copper shades not only contain base and give complete coverage on heads with less than 50% white hair, but also contain cool tones to neutralise unwanted warmth formulated to the exact underlying tone.”

“I think I may even brave it ladies and add a little smidge of 8GC into my next toner… why not eh!!!”

Ready to recreate the model look? Use Quint:essential shade 8.4 and Quasi developer to enhance natural red hair.

Quint:essential dual system permanent + quasi professional colour with Magi:bond®  improves and maintains the hairs strength during the chemical process. Elasticity and condition are enhanced whilst protecting and shielding the hair from further damage. 

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