With Mother’s Day appointments booking up, most clients are looking to kiss goodbye to their pesky white hair and say hello to the beautiful, rich colour of their dreams.

We caught up with the Quif Art Team to find out how Quint:essential can eliminate your clients white hair worries.

When working with Quint:essential to create coverage of white, we love that we have the ability to create an unlimited colour palette for any of our clients. Whether it’s a youthful blonde, a shimmering brunette or a fiery copper, we have all options of coverage available for any client that walks through your door.

Quint:essential works with a revolutionary white hair coverage technology which is the ability to intermix any of our shades to create coverage with all strengths of peroxide. We’re no longer limited by the depth of the natural colour that’s still running its way through that percentage of white and the desired target shade. We can create lift and deposit in one step. 

As well as this, we have multiple ranges within Quint:essential that offer different kinds of coverage for our clients whether they’re looking for a heavy, complete coverage where every single strand is exactly the same or whether they’re wanting a more natural multi-tonal colour result for their coverage, we have an answer to their white hair worries. 

Firstly, we have the pre-blended collection which is found within our natural, cool, warm and mocha shades, each of them having a blend of both tone and base giving us a one tube solution for our clients with less than 50% white. 

Not only that but when there’s over 50% white, we have the ability to move our clients over onto the +cover:age collection. In here we have a series of shades that have double base and tone. This time we’ve increased that base and increased our ingredients to ensure that the cuticle is fully opened to allow a lot of rich, beautiful colour to sit deep within that cortex to give us a perfect coverage every single time. 

So, whether your clients are wanting youthful blondes, those illuminated brunettes or radiant reds, we have them covered with Quint:essential. No longer do our clients have to worry about white hairs, we have the answer within our range. 

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